Helpful Hints For Getting An Online Business Started

** Set specific goals, we all are in this to make money. How much money do you want to make by a certain date … for example

** Set a reasonable time frame to accomplish your goal.

** Getting organized I use 3×5″ index cards and an alpha filing system to know where I have been and notes such as:

*Name of Business Opportunity, Tool, etc.

*My ID number and Password for site if applicable *URL of my new affiliate website or the website I want to check out later

*If it is a trial membership when it ends

*Any fees associated

*If it is a Business Opportunity I write on the back of the card any tools or special features. Initially I was putting everything in Favorites or Book marking it then when I went to organize I forgot what was so special about the 15 sites there. *** I was on the phone with one of my down line members and Gordon said ‘wait a minute I’ll find it’ when I popped in with the answer. He asked how I found it so fast to which I replied ‘my little index cards’. You see Gordon had his own system he had been using for some time. Don’t know if he has changed to index cards or not. (I kinda think he has).

** I purchased extra paper and an extra black ink cartridge for my printer. You will need to print out pages with information for future reference if you sign up for anything – even if it is To Print only in black … go to “Start” – “Settings” “Printer” then to the “Properties” “Advanced” area of your printer and have it print in “Grayscale” (no color only black ink is used). This will save you money. I also print in “draft” quality. ** I save those pages that are the last page printed and have little or nothing on them so I can scribble on them. You will find that when you are reading some information an email address or url reference is made to something you want to check out later, well “scribble it down” or use an index card.

** “Don’t start trying to read how to succeed just start succeeding”. Remember not to get the cart before the horse … If you expect to make a living with your computer make sure that you know all about your computer. ** Get an email address used strickly for bsiness Set up a folder for your business(es), one for Ads/Leads – Training – Newsletters. You will want to keep some of the info you sign up for future references or to use right now. If you like an article in an Ezine or email save it and use it as a foundation for your own Ezine or emails.

Things To Understand If You’re A Newbie ~ ** This is a numbers game! When you advertise on a site with thousands of other, stats say that 2-3% will will click your business opportunity url. Lots Of Ads.

** Other interesting Stats: * Working part time 10-20 hours per week * For 3 – 5 years * Before you might reach financial independence ****** Let us Make Some Money Now *****

** YOU NEED A WEB SITE! Now wait a minute – that does not mean you need to build your own website right away. (It is best to have your own but not necessary to get started). Lots of Business Opportunities and Affiliate Programs have “self replicating web sites” that you get with the program. Find One you Like and Get Movin’. .

You do need to start someplace. So Go Place An Ad or two …