Purse Pad Project

Purse Pad Project           


The aim of the Purse Pad Project was to design and ‘road test’ a reusable sanitary pad made from second‐hand clothing and determine whether this product was a feasible alternative to disposable sanitary pads for women in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Solomon Islands.  The project also aimed to explore and highlight some of links between menstruation and women’s empowerment and equality in the Pacific context. View our powerpoint presentation here or check out our video presentation we created for potential sponsors.

The Purse Pad Project Resources

A free resource and pattern for a low-cost, culturally appropriate, locally produced sanitary pad made from second-hand clothing (please note you will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF files below)

○       Purse PAD Resource Inside Final

○       Purse Pad Resource Outside Final

A copy of this resource is also available in Tok Pigeon.  Please contact us to request a copy.

○       The Purse Pad Project Final Report – Exploring the feasibility of reusable sanitary pads in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.


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